1 Apr 2020

Supporting families in response to COVID-19 Coronavirus

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Updated 1 April 2020:

Commencing Monday 30 March, school holidays will commence in Western Australia and pupil free days will commence in Queensland. If our child care centres are licenced to offer school holiday programs, we will commence these earlier in those states.

Across Australia, our child care centres remain open as we continue to support working families.

"Our child care centres remain safe, hygienic early education and child care communities, and our educators and early childhood teachers are doing a fantastic job of caring for children," explains CEO Tim Hickey. 

"Our priority is the safety and well-being of the children in our care, and our people, so that we can continue to provide uninterrupted, high quality early education and child care."

As at 10am AEDT 1 April, 2020, all of our childcare centres are open and we are closely following government updates. We continue to remain in close contact with our families and support our centres with any questions related to COVID-19.  If there are any changes to this situation, centres will be informed and families will be notified as soon as possible.

While school holidays in Victoria are starting early, schools in other states and territories remain open. Our childcare centres across Australia remain open to ensure ongoing early education programs for children and support for working parents.

Supporting families experiencing financial hardship:

If your family is experiencing financial hardship because of impacts of COVID-19 you may be eligible for the Additional Child Care Subsidy - Temporary Financial Hardship. This payment covers up to 13 weeks of child care fees. 

Our family support team is available on 1800 CHILD CARE.


What are we doing to keep your children healthy? 

  • Implementing social distancing as approrpriate in our child care centre environments
  • Using Nanocyn sanitisation fogging treatments at our child care centres 
  • Responding through our COVID-19 Response Team 
  • Enforcing our handwashing and hygiene policies
  • Training our educators in further risk minimisation techniques to avoid spreading disease
  • Educating our children about germs and how to stay clean
  • Implementing our exclusion policies for educators and children who are unwell 
  • Implementing additional temperature checks for adults and children at our centres
  • Postponing incursions and excusions
  • Extending children's learning opportunities online and at-home 
  • Adjusting routines where possible, to increase the time children to play outside in fresh air
All parents can feel confident in continuing their child’s enrolment in our community. 

Our child care centres are hygienic places for your child to learn and play. Our learning room group sizes are small, and our routines move children regularly between inside and outdoor activities.

In addition, during the time your child spends in our centres, they will benefit from our strict hygiene policies and procedures, under the direction of our trained educators.

The social connections, emotional development, early literacy and numeracy and physical development we offer children is unique within an early education setting. 

How you can support our child care community:

If possible, keep your child’s enrolment active and regular so they can continue their early education journey with us. Our educators and teachers are devoted professionals and they want to do the very best for your child and your family.

As per our normal exclusion policies, we ask that you keep children at home if they show any flu-like symptoms until these have cleared.

Please use the hand cleaning stations available on entry and exit to our child care centre, and reinforce effective handwashing habits at home.

Medical advice

The national COVID-19 Hotline is 1800 020 080.

The Australian Government Department of Health is frequently updating their COVID-19 coronavirus health alert page

Australian Government Fact Sheets on COVID-19 Coronavirus:
General fact sheet
Information for child care centres


Parent and community feedback can be provided to our Family Support Team at 1800 CHILD CARE or via feedback@affinityeducation.com.au.
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